PHONAK Hearing Aids

Get Authentic Phonak Hearing Aids In London From Hearing Aid Clinics

If you want authentic Phonak hearing aids in London, Hearing Aid Clinics is your trusted destination. Phonak is a renowned brand known for its cutting-edge hearing aid technology, providing users with exceptional hearing experiences. With Hearing Aid Clinics, you can rest assured that you’ll receive genuine Phonak hearing aids backed by professional expertise.

Our team of qualified audiologists and hearing care specialists will guide you through a proper assessment to understand your specific hearing needs. Based on the evaluation, we will then recommend the most suitable Phonak hearing aids to enhance your hearing abilities.

Why Choose Phonak Hearing Aids?

Immersive Experience

  • Phonak hearing aids feature a modern, unique design with cutting-edge hearing performance.
  • Personalised features allow confident immersion in conversations and easy navigation through various listening situations in life.
  • Experience enhanced speech understanding, making communication easier and more enjoyable.
  • Enjoy universal connectivity, enabling seamless pairing with various devices for a versatile audio experience.
  • Health data tracking adds a new dimension to your hearing aid, offering insights into your hearing health and well-being.

Functional Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Phonak PartnerMic: A discreet microphone that clips to your partner’s lapel, improving one-on-one conversation clarity.
  • Phonak RemoteControl: Simple, handheld remote to easily control your Phonak hearing aids without distractions.
  • Batteries and chargers: Specifically designed for your device, ensuring optimal performance.

Connectivity With Apps

myPhonak App:

  • Seamlessly connects to your Phonak hearing aids
  • Elevates hearing controls and personalisation options for a personalised experience
  • Enables remote connection to your hearing care professional for expert support

myPhonak Junior App:

  • Tailor-made for children and parents
  • Parental control ensures supervised access to Remote Support
  • Remote Support assists parents in coordinating appointments for their child’s hearing needs
  • Quick tips and reminders empower kids to manage their hearing aids confidently
  • Customisable settings for school, TV, and more

myRogerMic App:

  • Take command of your RogerMic microphone using your mobile phone
  • Select microphone modes to suit different listening situations
  • Direct beams towards specific individuals, minimising distractions from side conversations
  • Effortlessly mute or unmute your surroundings as needed
  • Keep track of battery level and device status
  • Swift and discreet adjustments without physically touching the microphone

At Hearing Aid Clinics, customer satisfaction is a top priority. We offer personalised service, including hearing aid fittings, adjustments, and ongoing support to ensure optimal performance and comfort. Phonak offers the best value for money owing to the technology used and its reputation for durability. This makes prices for PHONAK hearing aids worth every pound!

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Latest Prices

ModelPrice EachPrice Per Pair
Phonak Audeo Paradise P90 R / Life / Fit (Rechargeable),
P90 is the top-of-the-range Phonak product. 
Phonak Audeo Paradise P70 R / Life / Fit (Rechargeable),
An upper-mid range version of the Paradise. 
Phonak Audeo Paradise P50 R / Life / Fit (Rechargeable),
An lower-mid range version of the Paradise. 
Phonak Audeo Paradise P30 R / Life / Fit (Rechargeable),
A basic entry-level system 
Phonak Marvel M90 Including Virto & Titanium (Invisible),
This technology has been superseded by the Phonak Paradise. 
Phonak Marvel M70 Including Virto & Titanium (Invisible),
This technology has been superseded by the Phonak Paradise.  
Phonak Marvel M50 Including Virto & Titanium (Invisible),
This technology has been superseded by the Phonak Paradise
Phonak Marvel M30 Including Virto & Titanium (Invisible),
This technology has been superseded by the Phonak Paradise